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Tony Kart:

Tony Kart is a renowned brand in the field of karting, offering high-quality karts for various requirements.


Rotax is a leading manufacturer of kart engines, known for its powerful and reliable motors.

CRG Kart:

CRG is a well-known brand for kart chassis and equipment, appreciated for its quality and performance.

Kart Republic:

Kart Republic is an emerging brand in the karting industry, offering innovative karts and technologies.

OTK Kart Group:

The OTK Kart Group is a significant manufacturer of kart chassis, encompassing various brands such as Tony Kart and Kosmic.

Birel ART:

Birel ART is a reputable company specializing in the manufacture of karts and kart accessories.

IAME Kart Engines:

IAME is known for developing high-quality kart engines used in various karting competitions.

Karting World Championship:

The Karting World Championship is a prestigious event where the best kart drivers from around the world compete.

Vega Tires:

Vega is a renowned manufacturer of kart tires, well-known for its high-quality tires in the karting community.

Maxter Engines:

Maxter is a company that manufactures powerful kart engines used in various karting categories.

X30 Karting:

X30 is a popular class in karting, known for its competitiveness and balance.

WSK Promotion:

WSK Promotion is an organization that promotes and organizes various karting events and championships worldwide.

Karting Grand Prix:

The Karting Grand Prix is a prestigious series of international kart races featuring the best drivers.

FIA Karting:

The FIA Karting is the karting division of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), regulating international karting events.

Bridgestone Kart Tires:

Bridgestone is a renowned manufacturer of kart tires, known for its quality and reliability.

Karting European Championship:

The Karting European Championship is a significant series of kart races held at the European level.

OK-Junior Kart:

OK-Junior is a special class in karting designed for young drivers, facilitating the transition to more advanced categories.

Rok Cup Karting:

The Rok Cup is a series of kart races held worldwide, providing drivers the opportunity to compete in various categories.

MS Kart:

MS Kart is a brand specializing in the manufacture of karts and kart chassis.

KZ Kart Class:

The KZ class is a high-performance category in karting designed for experienced drivers and professional competitions.